Blackland Bar - Berlin [DE]

Time: 23:00

30 AUG 2019

Cafe de Keizer - Gorinchem NL

Time: 23:00

03 AUG 2019

21 SEP 2019

Rockcafe Altdorf - Altdorf DE

Support for Stereodrama

Time: 21:30

27 DEC 2019

KerstPop - Beusichem NL

Time: 18:30

07 DEC 2019

Mercy and Rage fest - Bonn DE

with Rules Of This Game

Time: TBA

15 JAN 2020

Pinguin Radio Showcases

Album Release, Groningen

Time: TBA

25 JAN 2020

TDD &MUSEST - Pogo Gorinchem

Time: TBA

07 FEB 2020

Kroepoek Fabriek - Vlaardingen NL

Time: TBA

The Deaf Dollars is a rockband invented by three lifetime friends.With their enormous suitcases of experience they find now is the time to take everything to the max and full throttle on their musical capabilities and keep pushing.

Communication with the audience and passion and love for creating music is key to making their music and pushing this around the world.Rock combined with theatrical emotional melodies and the sounds of the 80's is why The Deaf Dollars stick out. With legends like Prince, David Bowie, Queen and Lenny Kravitz as their teachers you will get drawn into a professional live performance you won't forget.




The Netherlands


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The Netherlands

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